'Remove Me' Annoying Stickers 16 Years Later - The Trumpdate We've All been Waiting For!


Digging through my own starting-to-look-old archives, I stumbled across an old protest sticker I'd whipped up back in 2004 to rebel against the sitting president at the time, George W. Bush, Jr. Our intention was to coat the city with tiny, annoying stickers that carried two meanings, both figurative and literal.

Easily printed on inexpensive 30-up address label stock with any black and white laser printer, our 2020 Trumpdate belittles our current asshole, recently absolved of any crimes by a corrupt senate. A detailed image of a single sticker is at the top of this article, your download will have 30 of them exactly alike! The guy at the copy shop will know exactly what's up and have you a few sheets for a handful of change. Office dwellers should surreptitiously use company resources and print dozens after hours. Go forth American citizens and wreak havoc upon your public spaces with easily disposed of paper stickers to disagree with the current political system and our ineffectiveness in it's process!

Download our 500kb PDF File and Terrorize your nearby Republican Neighborhood!

July 2020 Update - IG user Prehensileeye found this in the wilds of West Philadelphia!