It's all just one damn TXT file to Google! (also: Good text is Easy to Find)

By Andrew Davidson
on June 5, 2008

Do most folk who 'want a website' realize the effort required to even get a full-page of good content up? I'll be generous and say under 500 words of content, maybe twice as long as this short article.

No, they are too busy designing the user interface (again), picking colors, creating categories and sub-pages for the minutia of their business (About Me, Directions, Hours, Employees, Our History) when honestly, they should start writing.

As my title alludes, no one is going to find your web site because of your great new User Interface, cool corporate color choices, or how you so succinctly categorized your entire business and how to get in touch with you.

They'll Google you.

I don't care how pretty your website is, if it doesn't respond quickly and you make it hard to find the proper information, you've lost a customer to your competitor.

Google is so unforgiving to novice website owners. They figure 'I can fill my pages with paragraphs of keywords, just one huge list!' Google ignores it with aplomb.

They post regularly, but with no goals in mind, nor focus to their message. The ever-dwindling audience then ignores them. They want a single repository for one topic. Not. another. blog. !.

What's a new website owner to do? Read up on Search Engine Optimization. Use phrases like questions you would like to answer in your missives - then answer them.   Ask customers how they would search for your business online (keep track of what they say).  Have a call to action in every paragraph, and post. Stay on topic. Become the expert, and the resource for all things your business.

...and let the designers pick the colors, redesign the user interface, and make your corporate message consistent. If not a designer, someone who knows CSS and HTML.