Philly Naked Bike Ride 2011 from the Participant View!

This was my 3rd year of participation in this years annual Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride. The organizers learned from their mistakes from previous years and made some smart changes to this years ride.

This year, the ride started on West River Drive, which is closed to automobile traffic until 5pm. This allowed our group to assemble and hang without throngs of looky-loos getting their proverbial rocks off.

The ride started a bit before 5pm, and the (never-ending) line of naked cyclists rode through Philly with wild abandon! The map of the ride route was delivered early this year as well, giving everyone a better idea of the directions.

As with all Naked Bike rides, the throngs of cell-phone clutching crowds with open mouths were a common sight along the entire route. I managed to capture a few crowd shots in the photos below.

There were a handful of (naked) skateboarders in the crowd as well as some roller-bladers, keeping the (slow) pace with the bikes, and dutifully showing their support for alternative modes of transportation. A few chants were repeated by the throngs of cyclists, including “Less Gas, More Ass”, and simply “Naked”.

It was a lot of fun, and the group gets bigger every year, with more and more participants actively joining in.

The Photo Gallery

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