New Key Dongle / Membership Barcode Saving Mobile App - Free and Secure!

By Andrew Davidson
on April 1, 2017

We've already developed a handful of mobile-ready HTML5 apps that are web-based, but store no data on our server, nor do we mine your data. Our newest addition was to scratch the itch of having to display a barcode at a gym/membership/club/store again, and carrying around this laminated plastic dongle that only annoyed me.

While the idea of showing a barcode on a mobile device sounds easy, it's not designed for this, and seems message-hostile (reducing a pithy amount of data to computer-read-only), but it works with today's high-resolution screens.

I was midway developing a system that would embed a font for display, and then considering graphic based solutions when I stumbled across this perfect javascript library that does all the heavy lifting with no external dependancies! I had to hack some of the CSS to get it to display large enough on mobile devices, and turned it into a one-page app that only displays the data fed to it via the address bar.

As for security, we don't store any data on our server, ever. Once our app is loaded and saved, due to local cacheing, it won't require internet access to load again! You can save your private barcode to your phone (using Android's Page > Save to Home Screen or iOS' Add to Home Screen), and it uses nearly zero storage space on your device. No app stores to visit, no email to give up, no need to upgrade anything ever!