Groovy Vinyl Recently On My Turntable (2010 Annual Edition)

By Andrew Davidson
on December 31, 2010

All of these are examples of albums we've done Collectors' Edition Digital Conversions of our customer's beloved vinyl albums in 2010.

Novelty 78rpm Record from 1943 Produced by Howard Recording Disc

1943_78rpm_record_front 1943_78rpm_record_back

Airto Moreira - Fingers

airto-moreira-fingers-frontx airto-moreira-fingers-backx

Betty Carter - 'Round Midnight

betty-carter-round-midnight-front betty-carter-round-midnight-back

Bickersons Rematch

bickersons-rematch-front4 bickersons-rematch-back4

Bill Nelson - Flaming Desire and Other Passions

bill-nelson-front bill-nelson-back

Bill Watrous - Manhattan Wildlife Refuge

bill-watrous-manhattan-wildlife-refuge-front bill-watrous-manhattan-wildlife-refuge-back

Bobby Glenn - Shout It Out

Bobby Glenn - Shout It Out front6 Bobby Glenn - Shout It Out back6

Booker T. & the M.G.’s - Universal Language

booker-t-the-m-g-s-universal-language-front8 booker-t-the-m-g-s-universal-language-back8

Butterbeans & Susie

butterbeans-susie-front1 butterbeans-susie-back1

Children for Dora Hall

children-for-dora-hall-front children-for-dora-hall-back

I didn't recognize the artist on this latest vinyl to cd conversion for a customer, nor the label (Cozy Record Company), so I did a quick search to get more info.

This fan site for Dora Hall is a good start, but doesn't have too much real data. Turns out Dora Hall is the stage name of the wife of Leo Hulseman (1898-1989). Leo Hulseman's main claim to fame was the fact that he is the founder and owner for many years of the Solo Cup Company. Supposedly, Dora Hall records were often a free promotions for Solo Cup customers. The company is still privately owned and run by the Hulseman family.

Next time you pick up a plastic cup at a party, you'll have a bit of trivia to drop on the old folk!

Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores

chu-berry-and-his-stompy-stevedores-front5 chu-berry-and-his-stompy-stevedores-back5

Count Basie - Sing Along with Basie

count-basie-sing-along-with-basie-front5 count-basie-sing-along-with-basie-back5

Curtis Fuller - Smokin'

curtis-fuller-smokin-front3 curtis-fuller-smokin-back3

Dave Brubeck - The Real Ambassadors

dave-brubeck-the-real-ambassadors-front9 dave-brubeck-the-real-ambassadors-back9

Edmond Hall - Celestial Express

edmond-hall-celestial-express-front6 edmond-hall-celestial-express-back6

Gary Burton - New Vibe Man in Town

gary-burton-new-vibes-man-in-town-front4 gary-burton-new-vibes-man-in-town-back4

Great Ghost Stories

GreatGhostStories-F GreatGhostStories-B

Harold Alexander - The Sunshine Man

harold-alexander-the-sunshine-man-front7 harold-alexander-the-sunshine-man-back7

Hi Lo's - Now Hear This

hi-los-now-hear-this-front4 hi-los-now-hear-this-back4

How to Care for Vinyl Records (According to Columbia records in 1957)

how-to-care-for-vinyl-records-according-to-columbia-records-in-1957-front how-to-care-for-vinyl-records-according-to-columbia-records-in-1957-back

Jim Pepper - Pepper's Pow Wow

jim-pepper-peppers-pow-wow-front8 jim-pepper-peppers-pow-wow-back8

Johnny Hartman - I Just Dropped By to Say Hello

johnny-hartman-i-just-dropped-by-to-say-hello-front5 johnny-hartman-i-just-dropped-by-to-say-hello-back2

Kitty Kallen - I Give My Heart to You

kitty-kallen-i-give-my-heart-to-you-front1 kitty-kallen-i-give-my-heart-to-you-back1

Lazarus - Fool's Paradise

lazarus-fools-paradise-front9 lazarus-fools-paradise-back9

Leon Thomas - Full Circle

leon-thomas-full-circle-front6 leon-thomas-full-circle-back6

Ron Carter & Jim Hall - Live at Village West

live-at-village-west-front11 live-at-village-west-back11

Lou Rawls Sings, Les McCann Plays Stormy Monday

lou-rawls-sings-les-mccann-plays-stormy-monday-front lou-rawls-sings-les-mccann-plays-stormy-monday-back

Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau - Keala

makaha-sons-of-niihau-keala-front makaha-sons-of-niihau-keala-back

This album (released in 1978) features a very young Isreal 'IZ' Kamakawiwo'ole, who famously covered “Over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World” with a ukulele. His music video can be watched on YouTube at this link.

Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau - No Kristo

makaha-sons-of-niihau-no-kristo-front makaha-sons-of-niihau-no-kristo-back

Mose Allison - Seventh Son

mose-allison-seventh-son-front2 mose-allison-seventh-son-back2

Oscar Brown Jr. - Tells It Like It Is

oscar-brown-jr-tells-it-like-it-is-front oscar-brown-jr-tells-it-like-it-is-back

Patrick Sky - Songs That Made America Famous

patrick-sky-songs-that-made-america-famous-front3 patrick-sky-songs-that-made-america-famous-back3

Rosemary Clooney - Blue Rose (with Duke Ellington)

rosemary-clooney-blue-rose-with-duke-ellington-front3 rosemary-clooney-blue-rose-with-duke-ellington-back3

Scary Spooky Stories

ScarySpookyStories-F ScarySpookyStories-B

From the Second City (Original Broadway Cast)

secondcity-front secondcity-back

Sonny Stitt & Paul Gonsalves - Salt and Pepper

sonny-stitt-paul-gonsalves-salt-and-pepper-front10 sonny-stitt-paul-gonsalves-salt-and-pepper-back10

Custom 45rpm Single

soundpatterns45 soundpatternssleeve

National Geographic Sounds of the Space Age flexidisc

Space Age front

The All New Mickey Mouse Club - Original TV Cast (1977)

the-all-new-mickey-mouse-club-original-tv-cast-1977-front the-all-new-mickey-mouse-club-original-tv-cast-1977-back

The Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring Jimmy Rushing - Brubeck & Rushing

the-dave-brubeck-quartet-featuring-jimmy-rushing-brubeck-rushing-front1 the-dave-brubeck-quartet-featuring-jimmy-rushing-brubeck-rushing-back1

Les Elgart and his Orchestra - The Elgart Touch

the-elgart-touch-les-elgart-and-his-orchestra-album-coverfront1 the-elgart-touch-les-elgart-and-his-orchestra-album-coverback

Thrillers and Chillers

ThrillersandChillers-F ThrillersandChillers-B

Tony Perkins - On a Rainy Afternoon

tony-perkins-on-a-rainy-afternoon-front2 tony-perkins-on-a-rainy-afternoon-back2

We Love Records Sleeve


Wilcox-Gay Recordio Disc Art

wilcox-gay-recordio-disc-front wilcox-gay-recordio-disc-back

Willie Hutch - Concert in Blues

Willie Hutch - Concert in Blues front7 Willie Hutch - Concert in Blues back7

Another Successful Vinyl-to-CD

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