Deskslapper Prank Printout - Free Download

By Andrew Davidson
on December 26, 2018

Bumblebee Detail


Truth be told, this is as harmless a prank as you can pull with a color printer. Download this 41kb letter-sized PNG file, and print it to fit on a nice sheet of letter-sized white paper. You'll see that if it's set on your desk with other paperwork, the printed Bumblebee (seen in detail to the right) suddenly goes from a harmless 2-D printout to an immediate threat. I've surprised myself several times with this same printout, each time doing a double-take to ensure I don't have a Bumblebee on my desk! Works nearly every time, and more so in summer when Bumblebee sightings are plentiful!

Great Prank for Offices!

Slide this printout into a folder and shock anyone who might open it unaware. Keep a printed sheet on the conference table and send the intern in to kill the Bumblebee. Print it on a few sheets, and then re-insert the sheets into the printer, so you'll double-print the paper. This will help camouflage the Bumblebee amongst the fields of your great corporate writing and spreadsheets...

Thanks for visiting and downloading this prank. Praise to TinyPNG for compressing the delivered PNG from 126kb to it's meager 41kb size for faster downloads!