Making the Made in America Stage

A few pictures of the complex stage they're building for this upcoming weekends Made In America Music Festival here in Philly. I was doing my usual bike ride around the loop for exercise last night, and this interrupted my trip around the art museum steps.

Video Screens Installed Behind Neon Wings - Aug 29

Video Testing - August 30

No Tickets? We don't need no stinkin' tickets!

Not to be outdone, don't forget my own outdoor music festival on Labor Day Monday 2012: Hang Free! We've been throwing this bi-annual outdoor party that occurs in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. We provide DJ's spinning music in an outdoor, casual atmosphere, where there is no cost to hang and listen. The Hang Free website has photo galleries and downloadable DJ sets from years past, as well as DJ lineups and weather predictions for the event! This event has been going on for 17 years, with new friends and friendly faces each time!