Drugs By Drone

How Does It Work?

  1. Use our App to select from our list of available strains and edible products from a huge list of local sellers. We'll capture and use your GPS location to find the closest Delivery Drone and Available Dealer for fastest service.
  2. Dealers are verified by customer feedback, payload scales, and drone video surveillance of pickups to guarantee our customers get the Products they need, where they need, when they need.
  3. You pay online, and we send our drone out to the Dealer you chose during checkout. They pickup your delivery in our patented Delivery Drones. It carries your package safely in it's locked payload compartment, and only deploys the compartment to a cell phone showing the dropoff QR Code on its screen. The high-resolution camera in our Delivery Drones can scan a crowd of thousands in seconds to find it's destination.

How Do I Sign Up?

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Seen in action in this 2019 Tweet about Japanese counter measures, and this prophetic report from 2024 about it's widespread adoption.