Free PDF Download the Scott Belt-Drive Turntable PS 59 User Manual

This may seem to be a joke, but this was my first turntable. I spun my copy of Foreigner's '4' on it endlessly. I have long since sold the turntable years ago, but I found my copy of the user manual, and thought it might help someone else out with one of these legacy devices. While Scott Electronics was no audiophile's dream, the components were cheap and affordable for my teenaged savings.

I've since long replaced this flimsy plastic turntable with the industry standard Technics 1200.

I’ve run into the issue with a lot of my second-hand archival playback machines, where I couldn’t find any free downloads of older service manuals, only paid. Of course, if you really hustle, everything is available free on the internet.

Scott Belt Drive Turntable PS 59 (3.3mb Download)

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