Dining a la Covert Cuisine in Philadelphia

My friend dragged me to a dinner party last Friday, where a few catering friends of hers were offering a deluxe multi-course meal served in their quaint home. I love alternative dining, and this was a sure winner! The event is one of the famed Covert Cuisine events you'll see nationwide, and this evening's meal theme was Noche Latina! Here are a few of my pics from the event (and the gloriously plated dishes). I apologize for not taking more photos, as I was otherwise occupied with delightful food and conversation with a table full of interesting characters. Consider me hooked, as I seriously look forward to going to the next one of these events!

Our Menu

2013-04-12 19.44.19


2013-04-12 19.47.14

Fellow Dinner Table Guests

2013-04-12 21.25.06


2013-04-12 21.43.00