I Hate St. Patricks Day!

By Andrew Davidson
on March 17, 2010

  1. Drunk people are annoying
  2. Getting drunk on a wednesday morning is stupid.

I live next to three (!) Irish bars. Each bar actually has the word 'Irish' in the name, making it the destination for all adopted Irish drunks today. We're also in walking distance of several college campuses whose deliriously wasted youth are leaving a trail of urine and puke all over this great city of mine. Philadelphia cops, long weary of public disturbances like these, simply keep the drunks moving along. They pour out open containers, paddy wagon the violent drunks, cite the public annoyances, and generally hope this day ends quickly.

Picture or it didn't Happen

Here's a line of 40 people waiting in line to get into one of the three adjoining Irish Bars on my block in Philadelphia. Taken at 8pm on St. Patricks Day, this is the early stages of the days mess. Sorry for the crap iPhone photo!

This holiday should be banished quicker than Valentines Day when it comes to fluff 'marketing holidays'. It's obviously a ploy to sell plenty of liquor and beer to the American public.