Pizza Pie Chart Joke Prank Handbill Free PDF Download

By Andrew Davidson
on May 27, 2020

Gimme More Free Charts: Literal Pie Chart, Pyramid, Pac-Man...

Literal Pizza Pie Chart Graphic

I loathe slideshow presentations with the hate of a thousand dead suns, and wanted to poke fun at the cultivated and edited projected displays people use to convince others that this time suck is going to pay out untold millions in opportunities to early adopters! (I'm not re-writing this intro paragraph, as it still holds true)

This is the fourth in our series of similar pie charts; our first free download was Pac Man in 2019, then Pyramids earlier this year (pre-pandemic), then our Literal Pie Chart just a week ago. I'd suggest subscribing to our RSS feed, as we have a couple more of these designs up our sleeves that we'll randomly announce on this very blog in the next few weeks.

Since we had previous designs to start from, this took me a bit longer to whip up this downloadable PDF file (469kb) and post it here for free download! That image is multilayered from many sources, and cut to mimic our earliest design. Everything was compressed for fastest downloading, while still maintaining pixels. No actual Pizza's were harmed in the making of this poster.

Special Thanks to ShrinkPDF, who compressed my downloadable PDF file by 90% and to my friends at TinyJPG, who easily shaved more than two thirds off that image, making this page load fast!