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It's Earth Day on April 22nd this year, and one of the ways our small company makes Earth-friendly decisions is our support and use of The CD and DVD Recycling Center of America, where we send all of our bad 5" optical media since we found them in 2006. Unfortunately, they've been closed due to Covid since March 2020, and they have recently launched a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for reopening. We're on board, and hope our loyal readers will contribute as well, and make the small effort to keep un-recycleable media like this out of the trash system. People who donate to this fundraiser will get first opportunity to send in CD's for recycling!

  • Gawker's Nicholas Russell hums along to Let’s Get Physical as he sings the praises of owning physical media like CD's and Vinyl Records in this stream-everything age.
  • Murray, a blogger from Australia, pitches the Reliability of Optical Disks and does some at-home field testing to determine best storage conditions. He only confirms our own findings when it comes to reliability of Optical over Magnetic storage.
  • Here's an odd museum you can visit right now: Museum of Endangered Sounds (Headphones suggested - turn them all on to hear my latest industrial music album!)
  • In this odd but true tweet from BFSkinnerstan, it looks like a dead band was reanimated to wander around the country playing the music of The Zombies...
  • Charlie Warzel writes for the 'Galaxy Brain' newsletter of The Atlantic and regales us with his Confessions of a Digital Hoarder, and how you never use your memories when a scrollable feed of photos is always available. An interesting read, and a compelling author to follow!
  • One of my favorite blogs: Hackaday delves deep and discovers A MiniDisc Optical Head Has A Few Surprises Up Its Sleeve. Yes, we convert Minidiscs and were surprised at the advanced tech in the diminutive cases!
  • Always on the lookout for free audio software (Audacity is still my favorite), we stumbled across a new entry in the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) category: Zrythm - Digital Audio Workstation, which uses an interesting free/purchase/subscribe model.
  • Mashable laments that YouTube added 1,500 'free' movies, but good luck finding them!
  • YouTuber The Slow Mo Guys shoots 140,000 frames a second video to show you How a cathode ray tube TV Works in Slow Motion [Embedded below]
  • Delivered with a British accent, BBC Worklife uncovers the realities of the four-day workweek and how shorter hours does not mean less work.

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November 2021

This month, as we celebrate National Recycling Day on Nov. 15th, I'd like to talk a little bit about our company's efforts to lowering our global environmental footprint through our select choices. While I understand our main product (Compact Discs) are environmental nightmares when it comes to recycling, we're adamant about using better materials, like our Vinyl Collector's Edition CD/DVD Cases. I abhor traditional jewelcases (pictured to the above left) for their environmental cost: They have three different parts, and use two types of plastic; neither which has a popular recycling route. They shatter easily (3 different parts to break - any one part breaks makes the entire package worthless), and generally cost more than the contents (artwork and CD), without adding any value - only bulk and conformity.

The jewelcases we include with our Vinyl Collector's Edition conversions are 100% recyclable, have no separate parts (plastic sheet cover is fused to the soft case), and they survive USPS shipping way better than traditional cases. They also allow for larger, double-sided color artwork prints that would otherwise not fit or be seen in a traditional case. They're the same height as traditional cases, and due to their thinner profile, you can fit more CD's on a shelf. Alas, the cases are shallower, but that's due to the fact that 10% of the depth of a traditional CD case is for the oversize hinge!

As for our 'Compact Disc' problem, we have been heartily suggesting our customers consider digital-only delivery of all audio conversion collections (especially with the popularity of home media servers becoming the norm) while we patiently wait for our favorite CD Recycling plant to re-open!


October 2021


September 2021

We retired our video conversion services this last month, after 16 years of converting home videos of Christmas presents being opened and Disneyworld trips. Our statement on our websites sums up our reasons why, and our focus on audio conversions only. We're also letting a few domains lapse, and have rolled those audio conversion services into our main website.


August 2021

We miss meeting our customers in person when they dropped off their items for conversion and they'd regale us with stories about the history of the album/tape they were dropping off. Recent customer Dwight Schultz included a note with his 1970's-era vinyl to CD conversion that detailed the comings and goings of band members in rock bands, and his fond memories of live shows. Click the thumbnail to the right to see his letter about this long forgotten 'Manna' debut LP!


July 2021

We'll start this month's post with a joke: As as professional sound technician and editor, I have many friends who are in similar careers; I have a Russian friend who’s a sound engineer. And a Czech one too, and a Czech one too. (Drops Microphone)


June 2021


May 2021

We've recently updated our Covid-19 Statement for 2021, mostly to get rid of references to our August move from last year. What's changed? Nothing. I agree with the New York Times in that the indifferent public (who seems afraid to get a second vaccine dose) will forever postpone the 'Herd Immunity' we require to make Covid-19 go away forever. Hence, all conversion jobs must be shipped in and out of our offices. No dropoffs, no pickups! (Please stop sending emails asking if you can!)


March/April 2021

We'll start this booming bi-monthly blog update with a joke: Someone had submitted a vinyl LP to be converted to our Vinyl To CD conversion service, and when it arrived, it was called 'Sounds Wasps Make'. Intrigued by the title, I gave it a listen while it was playing on my record player; It didn't sound anything like wasps - then I realized I was playing the Bee side...

US Postman holding oversize Tracking Sticker

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December 2020

We'd recently received this lovely letter (pictured to the right) from customer Wendy Musselman detailing an all-too familiar story of the memories brought back by classic holiday albums. We got her conversion back to her in plenty of time for Christmas morning 2020! Get your Holiday Albums converted to CD or MP3 now just in time for the Holidays!


November 2020

It's Election Day as I write and update this, and I can say that I have no idea how it's gonna go. I look forward to the immediate disappearance of the endless stream of political commercials! Our links are a bit more technical this month...


October 2020


August 2020

We've finally finished our move, and are full-time in our new offices in West Philadelphia. Shipments have been arriving at our new address with some regularity, and we're even getting orders with our new updated order form. We've got a lot of new stories this month, after taking off last month to plan the move.


June 2020 - More COVID-19

We had a few days of downtime in the recording studio last month as a water heater broke and flooded the studio over the Memorial Day weekend. No media or equipment was in trouble - it simply doused our carpet. Super exciting photo of the wet carpet drying out to the right. All is dry and back to regular recording sessions as we update our blog for the month of June 2020.


May 2020 - Still COVID-19

We're still closed for drop-off submissions until mid-summer, but we're still accepting mailed-in jobs submissions on our many digital conversion websites for VHS Tapes, Vinyl Records,Tape Cassettes, Reel-to-Reels, Minidiscs, DAT's, Microcassettes, Audio CD Ripping, or Video DVD Ripping, as well as updating this blog with new stories during the pandemic shutdown in May of 2020.

April 2020 - COVID-19 Edition


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You Could Win $1,000,000 Instantly! Play This Record Now! McDonalds 1988 Flexi-disc

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  • Blast from the Past! Here you will find the beautiful pictures of sealed Vintage Cassettes, all in an old school gallery format and custom domain. Relive the mix Tapes of your Youth!
  • Jacob Buchowiecki details how he learned How to Rip Blu Ray Discs, and what a pain it is.

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