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We get plenty of business from Philadelphia-area customer's looking to spend their money locally, but we've noticed that customers from across the United States find our services online and trust Under Design for the digital conversion of precious home memories, even when there is other, nearby competitors. Below is a small sample of our customers' locations across the entire U.S.A. (even Alaska!) We're grateful for their business and their trust. Click the map to zoom and pan our map.

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Why do we constrain our digital conversion services to the United States?

It's simple: International Copyright law is terribly complex, and varies from country to country around the world. We aren't lawyers, and can't be expected to keep up with the plethora of legal rights available to consumers worldwide. We're pretty well versed in US Copyright law, and operate fully within it's very specific guidelines to deliver high-caliber digital conversions of media. Hence, we exclusively use the '.us' domain extensions on our service landing pages to exclusively market to customers within the United States.

Take a look at what some of these same satisfied customers are saying about their new digital conversions, written in their own hand! Our Frequently Asked Questions may satisfy your curiosity, and if not, there's a simple form to ask us anything not covered! We also have a new side-by-side comparison of 'Why We Rock' the competition.

[image: Under Design Logo]

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