Audio Digitization Services

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't piecemeal our deliverables: splitting the digitization of your audio and the media deliverable as two separate charges. Nor do we charge 'per side' or use exorbitant 'job fees' to seemingly inflate the invoice. Our one low price covers the entire conversion job at a low, flat rate (plus $8 return shipping - we're obligated to return your media to comply with copyright laws). No hidden fees, no minimum orders, no taxes, no more worries! We're simple to work with, and have been successfully doing audio conversions for a nationwide audience of satisfied customers since 2005!

Vinyl Records, 45rpm, 78rpm
Vinyl to MP3 Conversion
Save the environment! No media delivered here, only a ZIP file full of MP3 files with full ID3 data. See why our MP3's are better than the competition.
Vinyl to CD Conversion (Includes MP3 Copy)
A crystal clear audio copy (no scratches!) with track markers plus includes a free MP3 copy!
+ Add a Simple Shipper
We ship you a reinforced cardboard postage-paid Mailer for your vinyl record, and pay for return shipping too!
+ Add Collector's Edition Full Color Jewel-case Packaging
Includes Full Color Jewel-case Package, with scans of the album art on the front and back!
Magnetic Tape Based Media
Compact Cassette Tape to MP3 Conversion
Compact Cassette Tape to CD Conversion (Includes MP3 Copy)
Microcassette to CD Conversion (Includes MP3 Copy)
DAT (Digital Audio Tape) to CD Conversion (Includes MP3 Copy)
Reel-to-Reel to CD Conversion (Includes MP3 Copy)
Optical Disc Based Media
MiniDisc to CD Conversion (Includes MP3 Copy)

Optical Media Archiving

We've seen a drastic decline in the inclusion and requirement of 5" optical drives in modern computers, and the push to all-digital always streaming music listening. Don't sacrifice your investment in optical media, allow us to archive and digitize it for you!

NEW Video DVD to MP4 Conversion
Complete Video DVD backup along with MP4 Compressed video file of the content. Great for family sharing of older, forgotten DVD video media!
Bulk Compact Disc to MP3 Conversion
$80/100 CD's
Classic CD Ripping services where you get to choose the destination format! Go all digital and finally put your Compact Discs in storage.
Bulk Compact Disc / DVD Disc Transcribing
Hourly Rate for identifying and transcribing Artist & Album metadata for Audio CD's not in the CDDB database, or renaming generic DVD Disc names to include more metadata for easier sorting and identification.

Acetate / Dubplate Cutting

A soundly genius update to the 78rpm 'recording booths' of the 1940's through the 1960's. We'll now take your emailed MP3 (or WAV) audio file and etch it onto an analog acetate vinyl master that can be played back on any turntable for novelty or nostalgia!

NEW Audio to Vinyl Conversion
Put your custom audio onto a miniature analog vinyl record for lo-fi posterity! Includes Full Color 5.25" Paper Slipcover Jacket, with client-submitted graphics on the front & back!

Physical Media Prices

CD Duplicate
From one of our audio conversion originals, limited to obviously copyright-free works. Not available for most Vinyl conversions or commercial cassette releases due to copyright laws.
32 GB USB Thumb Drive
Digital MP4 and MP3 copies of your converted media for your laptop that doesn't come with an optical drive. Holds about 8 DVD's worth of data.

Media Repair Prices

Cassette Tape Blank
If your damaged tape requires a re-closable shell casing, internal rollers, playback tension rods, or tape leads that are retracted inside the (un-openable) welded plastic shell, we will move your tape to a new a donated casing.
Reel-to-Reel Tape Splice
First splice is free with every Reel, additional splices will be invoiced at $2 per edit.
Reel-to-Reel Speed/Pitch Fix
Reels recorded at 1 7/8 ips or 15 ips and requires post-recording editing to correct pitch. One time fee per reel.
Reel-to-Reel Split Mono Fix
Reels recorded as split mono tracks - separate audio tracks on the L and R channels, and twice the audio content. One time fee per reel.
Reel-to-Reel Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift Fix
Required with reels recorded on decks that used a steady reel rotational speed, vs. quartz-locked tape speed. They often start off low-pitched and end high-pitched over a 20 or 30 minute recording.