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We'll admit, most of our business comes from average consumers, converting a handful of their beloved Home Videos and cherished audio gems from the past. However, we've also handled huge conversion jobs with media numbering in the thousands for Libraries, Schools, Corporations as well as Government Agencies.

We're quite familiar with the hurdles that comes with all bureaucracy: increased paperwork, the occasional hoop to jump through, and extended invoicing times. We're prepared to write up a proposal for any large scale project that will include turnaround times and specific deliverables.

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As with all bulk orders here at Under Design, we offer huge flat-rate discounts on large quantities of media, free return shipping, and other benefits depending on customer requirements.

Below is a list of some of our cherished education, corporate and government customers along with a rundown of their completed digital conversion projects, and our custom solutions.

Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House Marketing staff tasked us to help archive and consolidate over 100 assorted VHS videos of press mentions and broadcast events over the last 20 years featuring the West Philadelphia based Charity and it's historic building. We supplied them with dual redundant DVD-Video disc's of all the content, along with MP4 compressed versions for easier sorting and sharing. This will allow them to easily access hours of footage for re-use in future events and for archiving online.

Supreme Court of the State of Nevada

Supreme Court of Nevada Converted 5,000+ audio compact cassettes from 1950's through 1980's into modern, searchable MP3 files. Added text data from cassettes J-Cards into the ID3 tags of the respective MP3 file, for quick indexing and searching by lawyer/judge name or case number. Returned cassettes as delivered (including repairing broken tapes) and delivered new MP3 files on dual redundant external hard drives for quick and simple integration into their own data center, along with a backup in case of emergency.

Mack Institute at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Mack Institute at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania We digitized a backlog of 45 guest lectures on Compact Cassette to CD and MP3 for this famed Philadelphia Business School. As they were only a few blocks away in West Philadelphia, we ended up hand-delivering this job right to their offices on the beautiful University of Pennsylvania campus.

Hardin-Simmons University

Hardin-Simmons University We're thrilled that this private Baptist school in Abilene, Texas chose Under Design to help them with this audio conversion project! We restored and converted 36 legacy reel-to-reel and 46 compact cassette recordings of live performances from College Musical Events from the 60's, 70's and 80's into Compact Discs and MP3 files.

Brainstorming A La Mode

brainstormingHere, we converted 200 compact cassettes of assorted spoken audio files into customer-preferred MP3 format files. We delivered the results on a USB thumb drive - converting nearly 40 pounds of old audio media into a mere 2 ounces! This is one of the small unintended benefits of digital conversion - the weight loss!

Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library

Swarthmore Friends Historical Library They have used our services multiple times to restore and recover 60's era recordings of Swarthmore College music events. We digitized several Reel-to-Reels and delivered the remastered audio on Compact Disc along with MP3 copies, so that a new generation of library visitors can enjoy some of the legendary performers who have visited this quaint suburban school.

National Museum of American Jewish History

National Museum of American Jewish History Museum staff tasked us to help archive and consolidate a handful of aging VHS Videos into modern, digital DVD-Video discs. As this customer was also within blocks of our center city offices, we hand-delivered this job right to their beautiful new location on Independence Mall.

Red Light Management

Red Light Management This artists management agency tasked Under Design to convert pre-mastered DAT's into full resolution audio files for archiving and/or remixing. We delivered cropped and split audio master files via the internet for painless and quick delivery. Backups on traditional Compact Discs and Data-Discs were also included for their offline archives.

Thousands of Records await digitization...

Have a bulk order ready for production? Get in touch with head honcho Andrew by email at info -at- undr -dot- com (Please remove the phrase NO_SPAM from our email address, as we use this hack to prevent rampant email harvesting.)

We will get back to you during normal business hours (Tuesday-Friday, noon until 6pm EST) to review your project. We can easily work within your constraints for any large digitization project, and the output can be customized to fit your specifications. From massive vinyl digitization projects, to bulk CD ripping or MP4 video conversion, we can handle all sorts of complex digital conversion projects and deliver in any number of digital formats, from FLAC to Uncompressed AIFF.

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