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Listen, anyone can make up glowing customer reviews and put them on their website with impunity. How could anyone ensure the review is accurate and real? We prefer to get our customers feedback as written in their own hand! We include a postage-paid customer feedback postcard with each digital conversion order. Below is our ever-growing archive of the postcards we've received, newest at the top. We apologize for the long page load time - we have 311 customer reviews since we first started including these in 2009. We're loading the latest 30 right now with more coming every day!

Have a Question about Digital Conversions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, including a form to ask us anything not covered! We also have a side-by-side comparison of why Under Design's Digital Conversion Services are better than the competition. You can now download and print our PDF order form, which has all of our available digital conversion services (and simple flat-rate pricing) in one simple-to-use form.

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