Our Deluxe Packages are Better Looking


They copied the album cover OK, but that boring CD is almost tragic. No track listings? Runtime? Track names? How about what format the disc is? While minimally passing, it can be better and more informative.


Our Collector's Edition discs are designed by a professional using art from the supplied album and include track names, numbers and runtimes, and the back of our CD includes the back of the record jacket!

Cheapest Rates Online Anywhere!

We check our competitors sites pretty regularly. We use search engines to see what people are looking for, and who pays for clicks. We don't spend money on advertising, because the customer is the one who pays for it. All of our traffic is organic; Well designed, informative web pages and simple checkout procedures make us the price leader on the internet. No one has cheaper rates than us, and if they do, they offer a lackluster product that's poorly and unprofessionally produced. I've also noticed a surge of hidden 'handling fees' on our competitor's sites, where they're charging you a flat fee to simply take care of your order! Also, smart consumers should determine actual turnaround times, final conversion costs and whether the work is produced in the U.S.A. before ordering any conversion job.

Our Basic Packages are Better Looking


They include a barcode on your disc - why? For their convenience, not yours. You're but a number in their database, not a living breathing customer. The poor design uses too-tiny type that is hard to read as well.


Our design is clear, includes track numbers and runtime, as well as the data type logo clearly labeled. No secret serial numbers or barcodes to take up space on your newly minted media!

Local Philadelphia-Area Service


We've seen the ads on Craigslist and eBay offering local service to Philadelphia (by way of other cities) with only a distant P.O. Box of unknown location for secure delivery of your precious home memories. When they use wrongly appropriated city keywords to capture your attention, they're simply wasting your time. We've been based in Philadelphia for over 15 years, and we promote our services exclusively on the internet, and only have recently changed our policy on drop-offs due to the pandemic.

Attention to Detail: Proper MP3 Tags


Like we see in this screenshot captured at a competitor site, they got the artists name and album right, but those song names are horrible! What is "A Track #1"? It appears as if you're obligated to re-identify all those tracks in your media player!


We hand-type and double check our ID3 tags for easily identifiable MP3 files with full meta-data (including jacket art embedded into the MP3 file with our Collectors Editions). There is no database of song titles of rare LP conversions, requiring our human touch to ensure valid & proper data.