General Business Questions

  1. #1 ASKED Can I drop off my conversion job to your office in Philadelphia?
  2. What should I include when I ship my media to Under Design?
  3. Do you listen to my tape/record?
  4. Is this legal?
  5. Will you return my original media after it's converted?
  6. Why can't I order multiple finished copies?
  7. What if the CD doesn't work in my player?
  8. I have a huge job - is there a discount for multiple conversions?
  9. How long do you store customer data files for recovery in case of disaster?
  10. What forms of payment do you accept? Check? Credit Cards?
  11. Are you open on... (Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve)?
  12. I can't risk mailing my irreplaceable media!
  13. What communication should I expect about my order?
  14. How should I ship my media to you? What shipping service do you recommend?
  15. #2 ASKED How long will it take to convert my Vinyl Record/Cassette/DAT/Reel?

Vinyl Record Questions

  1. Do you accept 12" Long Play (LP) 33rpm/7" Single 45rpm/78rpm Home Recording Records?
  2. Is there type of vinyl record you won't accept?
  3. What's the real difference between 33, 45 and 78 rpm?
  4. Will you split the album into separate tracks on the CD?
  5. What's the best way to store Vinyl Records?
  6. Should I keep the plastic overwrap on my vinyl record?
  7. Can I hear some examples of noise removal you provide?
  8. What sample rate to you capture the audio?
  9. How do you convert audio into a playable vinyl record?

Compact Cassette Questions

  1. Will you split the tape into separate tracks on the CD?
  2. Can I hear some examples of noise removal you provide?
  3. I have a 90 minute tape - can I put it onto one CD?
  4. Tell me more about the standard MP3 files generated by Under Design...
  5. What about blank tapes?

CD to MP3 'Ripping' Questions

  1. Can I ship my CD collection in their original jewel-cases?
  2. What file format do you recommend for my digital files?
  3. What about self-produced discs that don't get recognized by the CD database?
  4. How long will my CD conversion take?
  5. How do I copy my library from the DVDs supplied onto my hard drive?

Other Random Questions

  1. Do you scan 35mm Slides and Negatives to digital formats?
  2. How can I recycle or reuse my old media (Vinyl Records, tapes...)
  3. What happens to abandoned media conversions and unpaid job submissions?
  4. What's the oldest Media you have converted?
  5. Why the odd dollar pricing (no .99¢)?
  6. Why doesn't my computer automatically recognize my new Audio CD when I put it in?
  7. Does Under Design exclusively use the internet for communication?
  8. Why does Under Design exclusively use the USPS's Media Mail rate?

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