Wallet-Friendly Septa Four Token (22mm) Holder

By Andrew Davidson
on August 19, 2016


I'm moving to West Philly, and will start using SEPTA's elevated rail and Bus system more frequently. I never carry cash, but don't use SEPTA enough to warrant a monthly pass. I do like saving money, and you can buy tokens in bulk which save you on each fare.

In order to cart around a handful of tokens (at least round trip for 2) and keep it contained and not lost in my spare change, I used a previous design to craft this simple DIY solution involving a laser printer and a laminator (OK, I used a copy shop for both). Total cost: $3. Hiding the other 4 tokens in my wallet after a 5-pack purchase: Priceless.


Token Holder with 4 tokens, ready for your wallet!

I recommend you print 2 sheets, for a total of 6 finished token holders, as this fits comfortably on 8.5"x11" sheets of laminate plastic. I know you won't use them all, but these make fantastic giveaways. No one ever realizes they need one until they see yours. These work with any tokens that measure 22mm in diameter or less, so they may work in your local transit areas as well.

Download the free PDF File

Click here to download free PDF design to your desktop (36kb).