Wallet-Friendly Key Holder

By Andrew Davidson
in 2007

shorturl: w.undr.us/keyholder

Key Holder PDF FIle

This page updated in 2020

Let me begin by stating I hate keys. They prevent access, exclude, privatize and are basically selfish examples of our consumerism and greed. But, we still need them.

In order to eschew keys and keyrings, I was looking for a solution to storing keys in my wallet. It allows for one less thing I need to remember to carry with me. (Glasses, Watch, Wallet, Keys...)

I ended up with this simple DIY solution involving a laser printer and a laminator (OK, I used a copy shop for both). Total cost: $3. Hiding 9 keys in my wallet: Priceless.

This design went through a couple of stages before I finally hit upon this solution. I recommend using the thinnest paper you can find, and run it through the laminating machine 2 or 3 times if possible, at different angles of entry. The instructions are right on the printout and are very easy to follow. I recommend you print 2 sheets, for a total of 6 finished keyholders, as this fits comfortably on 8.5"x11" sheets of laminate plastic. I know you won't use them all, but these make fantastic giveaways. No one ever realizes they need one until they see yours.

Photos of the Process

Download the free PDF File

Click here or on the graphic above to download free PDF design to your desktop (148kb).