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As a glimpse of the dwindling relaxation of the American sexual standards as based on what was published in America's most popular Men's magazine, Playboy. Pick a Month/Year from the form above and click Show Me!. Get a broken image? The first issue is December 1953. I have covers up to May 2015, but centerfolds up to March 2014. Look up your birth month for a laugh.

According to Wikipedia, there are the moments in history, like the First Black Woman Centerfold, the First Set of (Real) Twins, the First Pubes in Centerfold (nevermind the first Centerfold without pubic hair), the First Full Frontal Centerfold, the First Centerfold without a Staple, and the First Set of (Real) Triplets.

Other notable issues include: The month no issue was published, the first Playmate under 5 feet tall, the first Playmate to become Playmate of the Year, the first centerfold with visible tattoo, the first centerfold with visible navel piercing, the first Playmate to get breast implants, the first foreign-born Playmate (born in Germany), and the Youngest Playmate ever featured at age 16.

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