Under Design : stickers : UDSP103

Tangerine Tyrant Sticker Pack

The words cannot begin to describe my endless distain for all things Trump. I did it in eight stickers, instead.


While I wait for this shit-stain to wash himself from memory (hopefully, via prison), I packaged up all my frothing rage and threw them in a single envelope for you to join in the fun. Another of our famed $5 sticker packs, this political pack of stickers includes one each of our 'MAGA=NAZI', 'Don't Steal', 'Everyday Asshole', 'Space Farce', 'Fuck Trump', 'Remove Me', our unique white on clear 'Every Racist I've Met Is Also A Republican' along with our huge 'Support Bacteria' Bumper sticker. Plenty of room on any bumper to reinforce your left-leaning political spectrum while awaiting 45's eventual conviction and sentencing (hopefully before election day 2024!) This, like all of our sticker packs, is available exclusively on this store! My appraisers have valued this at retail at a mere $1.1 million. Act now, and you can get in on this action for only $5 shipped, with a guaranteed higher resale value than any Trump Bucks! (Trump Bucks not accepted as payment!) Alternative names for this Sticker pack: POUTUS 45, Don the Con, Here's What Stupid Will Get You, and finally Make America Great Again!

  • Trump claims he's rich, but you can't see his taxes.
  • Trump claims he's smart, but you can't see his grades.
  • Trump claims he's healthy, but you can't see his medical records.
  • Trump claims he's exonerated, but you can't read the report.
  • Trump claims he's innocent, but you can't watch the hearings.
  • Trump claims he's a patriot, but he's surrounded by traitors.
  • Weight: 1.000 oz / 28 g
  • White Vinyl Sticker, Weatherproof Ink
  • 8 Unique Designs in a No. 10 paper envelope
  • 4.125" x 9.375"