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MAGA = NAZI (Yeah, I said it!)

If you're fighting Antifa, doesn't that make you Fascists?


I bet Trump did Nazi federal prison in his very near future! Do his secret service agents still have to protect him from other prisoners? That darn January 6th insurrection thing will be the stain on the always despicable 'Trump' name forever. Mr. Trump supposedly hates being rightly equated with the Nazis; how dare we draw comparisons between Trump’s right-wing, nationalist, and anti-democratic MAGA movement and Adolf Hitler’s right-wing, nationalist, and anti-democratic Nazi Party? You get two of these diminutive 1.38" x 4.25" stickers that state the obvious truth! Printed with UV resistant black ink on weatherproof vinyl for a lifetime of use!

  • 2 Stickers per Pack
  • White Vinyl Sticker, Weatherproof and UV Resistant Black Ink
  • 1.38" x 4.25"