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Toilet Terrorist Sticker Pack

If you thought you were Paranoid using Public Bathrooms before! Just you wait...


First of our $5 sticker packs, this fiver will be well spent when fully deployed to your victim bathroom. Works on both sexed and gender-neutral bathrooms! Contains two of our 'Voice Activated Paper Towel' stickers, as well as singles of our 'Political Urination', 'Political Defecation', 'Research Toilet Camera Warning', 'Weed Smoking Area', our die-cut circle 'No Swimming' decal and our big 'No Diving' Bumper Sticker. Great for home, or the office, or the neighborhood bar. Like anyone goes to offices anymore... Whopping $13 retail value for the low price of $5 shipped to your door! This, like all of our sticker packs, is available exclusively on this store!

  • Weight: 1.000 oz / 28 g
  • White Vinyl Sticker, Weatherproof Ink
  • 8 Unique Design Stickers in a No. 10 paper envelope
  • 4.125" x 9.375"