stickers : Under Design : UDS012

Political Stance' You're A Nation / Deaf Occasion Prank Bathroom Stickers

Say it out loud. Again. You'll get it. Eventually.


As you step inside the bathroom, you notice the odd sticker perched just above the toilet; You don't understand why this strangely worded poster featuring Uncle Sam asking me to be part of this 'Nation'. I'm just here to pee; Take care of some urination.

The escaping pee allows a pent-up fart that seems to last a bit too long, so you turn and decide to make this a longer visit. Look, another sticker. What is this, a toilet for deaf people? Why all the political noise even when I'm trying to defecate in private! What are they trying to tell me! As you mumble the words over and over again in your head, you hear it for the first time.

  • 3" x 4.5"
  • White Vinyl Sticker
  • Weatherproof Ink
  • 0.353 oz