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Toilet Terrorism Trifecta for Public Bathrooms

We love Toilet Humor, and It's Our #2 Priority that Gets Us Up!


Let's face it, you have a more intimate relationship with your toilet than you do with 99% of the people you interact with daily. No one has seen you naked every single day, in all moods, with all sorts of ailments, and an occasional face-first introduction where you empty your soul into it. It's cool when it needs to be, warm when it's cheated on you, and ever-present and stable, unlike your last 2 relationships. This three pack of toilet themed stickers will keep you howling next time you're dropping the kids off at the pool. Includes three stickers, all by Under Design:

Hey Sexy ♥ Toilet

Beards are Cool. Mullets are Bad.

Toilet Seat Cleanliness Request

  • 2.13" x 2.75", 2.13" x 2.75", 2.75" x 2.75"
  • White Vinyl Stickers
  • Weatherproof Ink
  • 0.131 oz