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Beware: Entitled Parking Asshole Sticker 5-Pack (Red Ink/Yellow Vinyl)

Double Parked? Sticker on the Side View Mirror Should Do the Trick!


I don't tell you where to put these eye-catching and weatherproof vinyl stickers. It's your karmic inner duty to assign blame, and alert other drivers to the shame this driver must feel. Great for passive aggressive use in parking lots for those idiots who don't know how to stay between the lines, or the lazy assholes who think the handicapped space is for errands. With five stickers, you've got plenty of opportunity to inflict karma!

  • 2.13" x 2.75"
  • Red Ink on Yellow Vinyl Sticker
  • Weatherproof Ink
  • 5 Stickers Per Pack
  • Stored in Glassine Envelope
  • 0.236 oz