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Sticker Subscription Service - 8 Weeks Of New Stickers

Collect rarities, never-for-sale, and more over 2 months of weekly mailed packages!

We require the full name and shipping address of the recipient, even if it's the same as your billing address.


We've got so many stickers and we're always looking for new ways to move them. Everyone likes getting stuff in the mail. I'll send you an envelope with 2-3 stickers every week for 8 weeks in a row, starting as soon as you buy this. They'll contain plenty of stickers I have for sale in this store (it'll be a random selection), but it will include stickers I don't list online. These stickers might be considered 'street' promotions, and are found on newspaper boxes, telephone booths and cigarette machines street signs, bike tie-downs and utility boxes. (My, how times have changed.) Thankfully, the post office still offers home delivery, and you can have something to look forward to in your mailbox for the next couple of months for a double sawbuck! Don't forget to slide us the name and address of the recipient before you add it to your cart!

  • $30+ In Retail Value!
  • 8 Weeks Of Fun!
  • Plenty of Surprises Along the Way!
  • 8 x 1 oz Envelopes
  • 9.5" x 4.125"
  • USPS First Class Mail Shipped to the Above Subscriber