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I Can't Park Prank Bumper Sticker (5-Pack)

Alert your Neighborhood to the true scourge of Parking Lots everywhere!


Applying one to the bumper or window of a deserving vehicle will give its user an instant boost, likely eliminating the crankiness and ill-will evoked by the offending motorized quadruped's double-space-consuming or driver's-side-door-hugging parking job in the first place. Sure, it's childish and vindictive, but take pleasure in revenge where no one gets hurt.

Finally - the perfect anonymous opportunity to alert other drivers that you've found the one guy who didn't pass his driving test the first four times!

Use discreetly in mall parking lots to inform your fellow drivers license owners that - this car - has an owner who has no sense of space, or how to properly park the 2000-pound bullet they drive around all the time.

They'll never suspect you're the self-appointed judge and jury, but more often that not, these inconsiderate drivers might not even notice until days or weeks later. Thankfully, you may have alerted thousands of potential victims of this parking pervert!

You get a pack of 5 stickers in our kraft packaging, each sticker measures 1.4" x 4.25", screen printed on high-quality outdoor white vinyl sticker. That's enough to last a year in the suburbs, or about a week in any large city. These stickers will stay well-applied as long as your bad parking defendant doesn't tear it off their vehicle in a fit of ineffectual rage.

  • 1.4" x 4.25"
  • White Vinyl Sticker
  • Weatherproof Ink
  • 0.212 oz