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About the xFader

Designed and hand-made for bedroom dj's, house party rocking, or simply sound experimentation, the xFader will mix two independent stereo sources into a master output. The two 4" stereo phone input leads are fully compatible with iPods, MP3 Players, PSP, CD Players, Tape Players, Minidisc Players & any other audio device with a mini-jack audio output.

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Technical Instructions

The knob sticking out the top of the xFader is the controller. Push it to the left, the left audio device volume goes up; push it right, vice versa. You can do this smoothly over several seconds, quickly over 1 beat, back & forth, chopping the beats, or just creating noise scapes of two songs that couldn't possibly be mixed together. Inside the xFader is a stereo audio fade 1000 Ohm resistor connected to the knob that dims the one channel and boosts the other. It's a simple idea packaged in a hand-held, durable, portable device.

The xFader Demo Video

(30 Seconds, No Sound)

What's comes with the xFader?

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