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xFader Press


April 11, 2008

Two One Five Magazine Issue 4 featured the X-Fader in a spread of 'The Digital DJ' as well as ran a promotion on their website to give away a free X-Fader to a reader.

March 15, 2006

Speak German? German Macintosh enthusiast site Macwelt mentions us!

April 3, 2006

Playlist Philadelphia April 3 Flyer

Not only is the xFader the first prize at Monday April 3rd's Playlist Philadelphia event, but Under will be judging. Click the flyer to zoom in.

March 15, 2006

iPod Muse Charles W. Moore points us out!

March 14, 2006

O'Grady's PowerPage reviewed the xFader!

"When a lame song comes on, simply fade into a second iPod in the on-deck circle and keep the party going. The xFader features two standard 3.5mm stereo mini plugs so it connects to any device with an audio output - not just iPods! ... The xFader is also great for when that guy invariably comes up and says "you've gotta play this!"

Many thanks to Jason o'Grady for the glowing review (and even a nice picture!)

March 9, 2006

Local Philadelphia News Radio KYW 1060's Hadas Kuznits reports on Philadelphia's monthly Playlist party and the xFader!

About Under Design

Primarily a graphic design shop, Under Design is broadening it's horizons by creating products that cater to our lifestyle and talent base. The xFader is our first consumer electronics device. There are also digital conversion services, even annual outdoor festivals that we work on. To dig deeper into the well that is Under Design, we suggest you visit our web site.


The Inspiration

"I've always wanted to walk into the proverbial 'dead party', pull out a pocket full of equipment, and rock it - the 'DJ who saved my party'. With the invention of the iPod, I saw the possibilities. With my invention of the xFader, my dream is real." - Under

Early Development

If you're so inclined, we've posted photos and scans of the early development of the xFader. You can see the first doodle, the working prototype, version two, near final version (you should see the insides!).

The xFader is a Product of Under Design Philadelphia, PA 19103
Patents Pending. TM and © 2006 Under Design. All Rights Reserved.