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Want to Order your own xFader?

Start with a blank xFader:

[Image: Blank xFader]

You Choose A Color:

metallic silver metallic gold

This color-picker requires a JavaScript-enabled browser. Using your mouse, roll over a color swatch above to change this page's background color. Click on any color to 'lock' it as the background. Click again on any other square to unlock. Final printed color may not match this computer screen exactly or even closely. You may also write in your color, like "White", "Penn State Blue" or even "Surprise Me".

$40 Gets You:

xFader Pocket Sized DJ Crossfader in a custom color

[Image: xFader Jr in Gold] [Image: xFader Jr in Gold Back]

72" (6 ft.) Stereo Adapter Cable

[Image: Handheld XFader Faceup] [Image: xFader included Stereo Patch Cable]

High-tech Packaging with Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping inside the U.S.A.

[Image: xFader Packaged] [Image: USPS Shipping Box]

We use PayPal to doing our billing, cause we suck with money. They'll also get your shipping address and email us once you're order is complete. Price includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping of your custom design xFader right to your door in the USA. Each one is lovingly hand-made by Under Design who promises to email you once we ship your unit.

International Shipping Now Available!
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The xFader is a Product of Under Design Philadelphia, PA 19103
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