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In the world of hand held music players,
meet the referee:

The xFader

The xFader

The pocket sized DJ crossfader for mixing
two stereo sources into a master output.

"For Entertainment Use Only!"

Due to problems getting quality source components, we are discontinuing sales of this product! This site will now act as a repository of information on the creation, development, and production of the xFader, and open source all of our current data. While unassuming in technical prowess, you might like to see it as an experiment in marketing, packaging, and cost-cutting an on-demand product. You can review our shelf unit packaging design as a PDF file, our plain 'skin' design as a PDF file (with a bunch of promotional stickers included in the design), or our 'Inverse Skin' PDF design, a scan of the first doodle, a photo of the working prototype, then version two, and the near final version (you should see the ugly insides). We got much better after thorough documenting.

$40 Shipped (USA)
USPS Priority Mail

$50 Shipped (Non-USA)
USPS Global Priority Mail

Pick your own Color
Each custom made just for you!
For example, this color is Red
Wanna see it in another color?

The xFader is a Product of Under Design Philadelphia, PA 19103
Patents Pending. TM and © 2006 Under Design. All Rights Reserved.
Made for iPod