Our Sticker Dollar Menu

mcdonalds-value_0-300x248 McDonald's isn't the only place that can lure you in with low dollar rates that are loss leaders hoping you'll stay around and drop the big cash on other high-ticket items while waiting (those french fries cost so much!). The $1 price you'll pay for these stickers includes US shipping from our tiny online store! (You do realize that stamps cost 66ยข, right?) Burn that extra $5 you have sitting in your PayPal account right now!

Under Design : stickers : UDS011

Tomorrow... Sticker

Under Design : stickers : UDS021

Weed Smoking Area

Under Design : stickers : UDS019

Wife CSS Declaration Sticker

Under Design : stickers : UDS024

Vehicle Anti-Theft Sticker

Under Design : stickers : UDS010

Sticker Prohibiting All Other Stickers

Under Design : stickers : UDS029

Even More Obvious!

Honk If You Like Noise

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