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Glow In The Dark Keyfinder Wall Sticker Set

Glow In The Dark Stickers to Help Find Window Lock Keys in case of Emergency!


Bad neighborhoods come with bars on the windows (sometimes outside, sometimes inside). The inside ones are designed to be locked, but opened as needed in an emergency. Everyone uses padlocks (quickest to open), and usually hides the key on a nearby shelf or on the wall. In an emergency, good luck finding that key through a haze of smoke so you can escape through the easiest escape - the window! Our GITD (glow in the dark) key-shaped stickers can be applied to your wall, and come with brad nails for you to hang your window padlock keys in a spot you will find even in pitch black! Good safety addition for any rowhome with window bars!

  • 4 Key Stickers, 4 Tiny Arrow Stickers per Order in Glassine Envelope
  • GITD Die-Cut Stickers
  • Comes with Nail brads!