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Fuck Trump Red White and Blue Unelection Sticker 2020

I can't wait to see this one-term doofus leave office! Imbleach him in 2020!


This sticker crosses all party sides: Republican or Democrat, you have to realize what a bad choice we made back in 2016, allowing a reality TV host with questionable business abilities run for the greatest job he ever failed at. Repeatedly. Again and again. He lashes out like an impudent toddler at the people who are there to wipe his ass and change his adult diaper. Four years is too long. Get these quick, this is a short run design that will sell out quickly - plenty to share when you buy our 5-pack!

  • 5 Stickers Per Order - Share them with Friends!
  • White Vinyl Sticker, Red & Blue Weatherproof Ink
  • 0.353 oz / 10 g
  • 2.125" x 5.5"