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City of Philadelphia Customizable Lead SAFE Certificate - Deliver Professional Looking PDFs!

Spell-checked and Delivered Personalized For Your Inspection Business!


When I had my own apartment inspected for lead, I was surprised at the low-quality city-supplied official 'certificate' I was emailed 10 days later. Sure it'll work and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health will accept it, but it's so unprofessional looking - typical! I whipped up my own crisper, cleaner, squared and print-ready version and made it so anyone can easily edit and export endless Lead-SAFE Certificates for their Lead testing customers. One time purchase gets you a personalized PDF file that has your Company Name, Inspector Name, and Certificate Number permanently embedded, and you can edit the Customer Address and Verification Date for each new customer. Please include your personalization information when you order, and your PDF file will be delivered during the next available business day.

  • 400kb digital PDF File
  • Digital Download Only!
  • Professionally Designed!