pranks : Under Design : UDP708

Send Anonymous Prank Mail - Ominous STD Test Results from AWYWNGT Labs!

Too bad you can't be there to watch your victim receive this in their daily mail!

We require the full name and shipping address of the recipient, even if it's the same as your billing address.


Our brightly colored envelope will catch their eye first. The 'STD Test Results' stamp along with an unknown lab in Delaware across the front will only entice them to dig deeper. Inside, our cleverly worded and hand-signed form letter doubles down on the puns and tomfoolery with a few back handed insults thrown in for good measure. Any attempt to unmask the sender will be futile: the return address is home to 20,000 virtual corporations, the postmark is from our zip code (not yours!) Great gift for married folk, whose spouse will probably open it first, for a double payoff! Close inspection will let on that this is definitely a joke, albeit pointedly accurate or embarrassing... that's for the victim to figure out!

  • Now comes with USPS Tracking!
  • No. 10 Envelope, First Class Stamp, Form Letter Hand Signed
  • 0.159 oz
  • 4.125" x 9.5"