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The Cruelest Prank Gift Ever...

5 Nested Sealed Boxes with a Great Punchline Joke Inside!



The ultimate prank gift: A box cutter, within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box. Plus, your customized message on the box cutter!

This is a gift I imagined for my twin brother many moons ago, and after making it, it worked so well, I decided to help others looking to prank someone in their life with this ultimate gag gift.

Presented, it comes in a 10" x 7" x 7" cardboard box, dutifully addressed and mailed straight to your home. If you'd like to present this gift in person, wrap this outside box with the holiday appropriate wrapping paper.

Little does your Gift Recipient know the hell they're in for. After they get inside that first outer box, they're presented with another sealed and packed box. Opening this box yields yet another, and another. Like a Russian nesting doll, it's the fifth box inside that finally contains the punchline, gently wrapped in bubble wrap: A Box Cutter

But, that would make this gift funny, but not memorable. In order to really enforce who's the superior prankster: YOU GET TO WRITE YOUR OWN MESSAGE ON THE BOX CUTTER.

There's not a ton of room, but we'll make it fit, and you can use both sides of the handle. We're limited to black and white prints only, but you can surely find an appropriate tag or single sentence phrase to make this frustrating repeating pattern even funnier.

This prank gift is great at public parties, where no one will have a box cutter handy initially. i'd suggest you don't offer any assistance as your victims dutifully unwrap each new box.

If you have your own gift in mind, simply order the 'Flat and Unpacked' version, and you'll get the 5 empty boxes we use built but untaped and shipped to your door with the outer box having your shipment information and postage on it - ready for wrapping paper! You can fill it with an engagement ring, a gift card, or other personalized gift!

Don't forget to include your special message, and we'll have this in the mail shipped within a week (we ship on Fridays keep tracking info). Great for bachelor gifts, bridesmaids pranks, or simply annoying your coworkers!

  • 10" x 7" x 7" Outer Box
  • 20.882 oz