How dare you defy our domain name:

Oh, aren't you clever, typing in the domain name that dares you to not visit it. You rebel. Such a risky use of your web browser - you know this is how you get viruses, right? Probably the most typing you've done in ages, as your home page is a never-ending stream of auto-feeding content and click-less bliss. The fact is that 16% of you don't know where to type in a URL and instead do a Google search for our domain name ''.

I'm sure you came looking for a pat on the back or a certificate of achievement for daring to venture in this dangerous internet swampland.

But this is the dark web, full of novelties, curiosities and keepsakes unavailable to the slack-jawed masses who don't trust any site not linked via Google. As all labors of love, we undercharge for these creative bits of rebellion, and throw in always free U.S. shipping (to the continental 48) from our headquarters in Philadelphia. Peruse our vast and ever-changing lists of Apparel, Novelties, Prints, Pranks & Stickers!


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This is only a handful of products we carry - we have plenty of cool t-shirt designs, a never-ending supply of stickers for your laptop or car, some unique novelties and flair for your uniform, limited edition art posters or mean old pranks you can pull on your friends and coworkers!