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I Don't Wanna Brag, But This Shirt Cost $5000

This is the most expensive thing in our store!


When you order this item, our 24/7 on-call valets will contact you to schedule an appointment with you at your location of choice to meet and take discrete torso measurements in order to find the best fitting cut. During this meeting, they'll be taking detailed notes on your hair color, eye color and skin tone to skillfully select the proper shade of all-natural dyes to set the custom palette of base/ink colors best used to accentuate and flatter your natural features. You'll be asked to come up with a set of keywords used to inspire our in-house artists to produce a one-of-a-kind design that will be minted as an NFT before being carefully museum-quality printed onto our super-soft cotton fabric. Our team of tailors will use this expensive and weighty fabric to cut and drape a life-sized mannequin of your torso for perfect fit. Once tailored, we'll gently place your garment in a tissue-lined bulletproof reinforced box with a spritz of perfume to accompany it on it's trip to you, hand-delivered by courier. At delivery, our in-house stylist will advise you which items in your own wardrobe are best to pair with your new prized garment. Our staff photographer will also be on hand to document the purchase and capture candid photos of you modeling your new shirt for our website. Expect that you'll have to sign a modeling release and be comfortable with full frontal nudity. No influencers, no celebrities, please.

  • One Of A Kind Garment
  • Hand-Dyed and Custom Color to Flatter Your Natural Coloring
  • Custom Fit To Your Frame