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Love To DJ Hand Scratch Pullback '♥ 2 DJ'

I like to touch the vinyl while it's playing, and not just fiddle on my laptop.
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Only douchebags think they can scratch with CD-J's. I'm still on the fence about time-coded records, and have seen some amazing scratch DJ sets nonetheless. I recall the time when you'd buy several copies of any recent vinyl hit as backups for the wear and tear of heavy and cheap club needles subjecting constant vinyl groove abuse. Troublesome record give you too many skips during the set? Smash that (now defunct) vinyl on the dance floor and cue up the next groove, knowing full well you got another few copies (and reissues) somewhere in the stacks.

  • Only For Vinyl DJ's (or those who want to look like one)
  • Proof That You've Carried a Crate of Vinyl!
  • 7 Dark Colors in Mens and Womens cut!
  • Mens & Womens Sizes Small to 3XL