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Prism Colored Jawn Cable TV Knockoff

Flip the cable box to channel Jawn!
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Back in the jawn when there wasn't a million channels to choose from, you were stuck with two choices for your television viewing: Rabbit Ears or Cable. Rabbit Ears gave you 6-7 channels max, you had to turn two different knobs to tune them in, and they made great effort to ensure none of the channels were close to each other on the dials; but it was free! Cable, on the other hand, was a monthly subscription, but offered you dozens of more channels, available at the push of a button box that sat atop your set. Finally, flipping away from commercials was effortless! Plus, since it wasn't 'public broadcasting' the cable channels could show (ahem...) adult programming; Super late at night, the local cable channel Jawn would show lots of nudity, if you could stay awake until 3am to catch it. You see, back then, porn wasn't available everywhere all the time. You had to wait through very bad plot-lines for the heroine to take an unexpected shower.