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The problem with being the 'Center' of attention is that half of it is always behind your back...
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No, it's not called 'downtown'; there's no 'upper' or 'lower' parts of Philadelphia, there's no 'Mid-town' (unless you consider the now defunct diner) or 'east' for that matter (it's called New Jersey at that point). You're either in Center City, or wanting to be included in Center City. Enjoy low rents, cheap land tax, and everything a New Yorker desires and a New Jersey-an can't afford.

This classy design also comes in $22.99 Long Sleeve T-Shirts, $17.99 Tank Top T-Shirts, and $29.99 Sweatshirts for those Chilly nights tailgating at the Linc.

  • Comes in 10 Select Contrasting Colors
  • White printing with subtle black shadow to make it pop!
  • 4.8 ounces