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Rock Legends Power Outlet Paint Stencils

Deface your home power outlets with The Beatles & Kiss!


I won't even suggest that you'd use these on outlets you don't own. I also won't suggest that a can of black spray paint and these paint templates won't make anyone who sees your handwork guffaw out loud when they recognize the rock legends depicted. Admittedly, the people who get this joke have to be really old, because the bands are wicked old.

These are designed to quickly mark up a 4-up U.S. power outlet with cover plate. Add some personality to your own home by 'rocking out' your outlets with your favorite rock bands of yesteryear. You will enjoy recharging your phone when you cover Ringo's face. You'll love to vacuum when Gene is supplying the power!

You get 2 paint stencils in each package. They're clear to help you place them, have instructions printed right on them, and the band name is also die-cut if you want to 'tag' around the outlet to reinforce the band.

  • 8.5" x 5.5"
  • (2) Clear Paint Stencils
  • 0.635 oz