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Prank 'Penis Enlarger' Gift Package

Great for Bachelor Parties and Birthdays with a funny Punchline!


Before you scoff at my fanciful title, I can attest that this product actually works! Of course, the punchline being that the 'magnifying glass' enclosed will indeed make anything look 2 to 5 times bigger, not just the embarrassing male body part emblazoned all over the colorful box.

Our white cardboard box is approximately 5"x5"x5" and will be shipped inside another box for protection from the elements. It has full color artwork on all four sides and the contents will be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure it's safe arrival. Our keepsake Magnifying Glass may not look _exactly_ the same as the ones pictured, but the punchline always rings true.

We can include a notecard with your handwritten message in the box, or mail it anonymously to your sworn enemy. Simply email us after your order with your detailed instructions!

As these are produced as they are ordered, there is a slight delay in our usual shipping speed. Delivery may take a week, so plan far ahead for birthdays, bachelor parties, office parties, or any other event where the prank is on the gift-receiver!

  • 5" x 5" x 5" White Cardboard Box
  • 5.785 oz