Hope Nope Dope Pope Sticker

Setup 7-up on a regular sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper (2 large and 5 small), these poke fun at marketing, presidential races, religion, and rhyming. Comes with built-in instructions for downloading again and again. Use responsibily, like condoms.

Print onto full-sheet sticker paper, available everywhere at your local office supply shop. Once printed (don't shrink to fit!), they require a bit of cutting. Terrorize your Republican Neighbors!

Be one of those folk we need to be told what to do and click on this sentence to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF File (1.1mb) to your local machine! Real smart folk would have figured you could click on the picture at the top to do this same thing and already have.

Sticker? Poster? I hardly knew her!


Too law-abiding to actually deface public property, yet want to express your inner rage against the machine? How about a tabloid size art print of the sentiment you can print on the office color printer and hang in your cubicle?

Seen in thumbnail form to the left, you can download two resolutions, which should cover most uses/intentions. There is the 72dpi version (304k) and the 225 dpi version (1.1mb), both in RGB JPG Format. There are artifacts in the photo from the flash, and poor cutting, and hey, why can't we download those color combinations here?, but like they say in advertising, repetition is key.

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