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Watch Out for the Idiot Behind Me Bumper Sticker

If you see this on a car in the wild, either stay away from his backside, or simply own your role...


We made this product in Philadelphia; it's a tough town, and it's even tougher if you own a four-wheeled vehicle like a car or truck. Not only are you subject to poor street conditions, less and less free street parking, and quickly filled highways during rush hours, which will never be expanded to accomodate increasing traffic. We don't make them like Detroit, cater to them like Los Angeles, or willfully disdain them like New York. Philadelphians love their cars.

It came to me when I was about to lean on the horn to motivate the obviously harried and distracted numbskull ahead of me; the only person I can really affect in this snarled traffic was - the guy behind me!

This bumper sticker may act as a simple taunt for coming in second place (behind yourself in #1). It's sure to rile just about anyone behind you in traffic, and we suggest you wear a seatbelt at all times when this sticker is in use. Neck braces may prevent even further injury, keep your lawyers number on file in your glove box. That idiot behind you just might be frustrated and a tad crazy...

Measures 8.375" x 2.75", screen printed on high-quality outdoor white vinyl sticker. This will last as long as some disgruntled driver don't tear it off your vehicle in a fit of civil disobedience and futile rage. If only they realized how cheap it would be for them to buy one of their own by using their smartphone to check the URL!

  • 8.375" x 2.75"
  • White Vinyl Sticker
  • Weatherproof Ink
  • 0.159 oz