Under Design is helping the World preserve their precious analog memories.

Under Design has over 20 years of experience in film/video, plus years more experience in digital recording, multi-media development, video compression and digital encoding. We've applied our decades of experience to our Digital Conversion services, where we produce studio-caliber remasters of your precious analog memories, including VHS to DVD, Vinyl LP to CD, Tape to CD, Digital Audio Tape to CD, MicroCassette to CD, Reel-to-reel To CD and CD to MP3. In keeping with today's need for your media on new devices, we now offer digital-only copies of your analog media such as VHS to MP4 and MP3 files.

Head honcho Andrew Davidson still slings a design wand occasionally, and is trying to stay on top of the ever-changing internet standards. Feel free to browse through our extensive portfolio of graphic design, including computer desktops, nightclub flyers, apache standard icons, nightclub and corporate identities, restaurant menus, mobile apps, ancient multimedia presentations, outdoor signage, t-shirt designs, and plenty of early website designs.

We sell a variety of products on our Store, and post often on our Blog. We're reorganizing our content online, including updating our hilariously outdated web server.

In 2015, we're letting our Art series In Case of... go out-of-state on tour. Two of the 25 pieces are currently at my alma mater, Pratt Institute for the Alumni Exhibition until October 15th, 2015.